There is hardly any other game creator that attracts gamers as much as Nintendo does. Nintendo has provided the gamers with some of the most exciting games till date. The previous year, the company even went on to examine the market of free games with its Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball  game.

In the meantime, Pokémon Shuffle is basically a normal mobile game featuring a Pokemon skin. Taking of the gameplay, the gamer will need to match 3 like objects to progress in the game further. You are offered with a variety of modes in the game. Every single round is designed similar to a better against other Pokémon. When you clear the gems, you’ll be able to reduce the health of your rival.

What’s more, you can now download games absolutely for free on the Nintendo DS.

Step by Step: Download Games for free on Your Nintendo DS

Step 1:

Get all the essential parts. You will be able to download only the game along with an emulator in case you wish to enjoy the game on PC, however in case you would like to enjoy the games onto your DS, a few additional equipment are essential. These include a micro SD card in addition to an R4 DS card. Also, you’ll require an adapter for your micro SD in case a no slot is present on your PC.

Note: Stay away from bogus R4 cards.

Step 2:

After deciding the game you want, you’ll require a digital file or “rom” for your choosen game. For these use sites like RomHustler & CoolRom.

Make sure that the file is an .nds type file.

Also, remember that you won’t be able to “play down” games. It is important that the game is onto the DS or higher. Hence, you can’t play a 3DS game onto a DS.

Step 3:

Move the downloaded nds file into your micro SD.


Place the micro SD in your R-4 card.


Place the R-4 card in a DS as you do with a regular game.

Step 6:

Finally, select the choice to play the card, similar to any other game. Then pick any one game that you have on your card.
Enjoy your free game!

Best Emulators for Windows:

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